Naomi Jackie Karma (b. 15th October, 1969) is a British-born Kuboian television personality, singer, rapper, voice actress and author. She migrated to Kuboia in 1987 with her sister, Charlie, in order to find a better life. Although not as successful as a younger sister, Naomi has still had a successful career in both music and television, and is one of the best-selling Kuboian musical artists of all time, as well as one of the richest living Kuboians.

Personal life


Naomi married Zeke Frances on 16th April, 2003 - she had proposed to him on his nineteenth birthday two days earlier. The couple had two children together before divorcing in October 2012.

Naomi began dating Kyky Lambrini in November 2014. Their relationship spawned significant controversy due to Naomi being twenty-seven years older, and Kyky was only seventeen years old at the time. The two married on 16th December, 2016 - one day after Kyky's twentieth birthday. However, the marriage did not last long, as Kyky filed for a divorce in early 2018. He claimed that the large age gap as one of the main reasons for the divorce, as one of Naomi's children mentioned how it "felt awkward" having a stepfather only six years older than her. On 30th June, 2019, Kyky mentioned that he and Naomi had considered rekindling their relationship, but it was not working out.


Studio albums

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