Narthernee or Kapura (Kapuran:└ ┐─ Kapura), officially known as the Republic of Narthernee (Kapuran: └ ┐─ ┬ ┴ ┐╤└ Kapura ki Repulika), is a country in the northern El Kadsreian Islands bordered to Utikalor, Engotu, Haalis, Raland, and Trayu. It is the second largest county in the El Kadsreian Islands with El Kadsre being the first.


Ancient Kapura (2nd century AD-948 AD)

Medieval Kapura (948 AD-1610)

Early Modern Kapura (1610-1865)

British Kapura (1865-1948)

Modern Kapura (1948-present)


Narthernee's English television networks are NBS, KBN, PN6, TNS, Channel 8, Islevision, and Twelve while Kapuran television networks are KBC, NCN, N9, CFN and KPN.


The country’s population is about 56,488,738 (2019 estimate).

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