Nathan Ervin Forbush (b. 1986) is an Engarian television screenwriter and director. He is best known for creating the Minecraft: The Series franchise, but he also created other shows such as Forbidden Love and Steve & Alex, amongst others.

However, prior to Nathan creating the Minecraft: The Series franchise, he was originally one of the writers from the popular TWO TV soap opera, Philioaks. He served the role between 2006 and 2009 where he served as the director.


Early life

Nathan was born in a Komapest hospital in 1986. He was raised by his parents until they separated 3 years later.

Formative years

Nathan began his television career in 2004 when he created Forbidden Love, a popular soap opera from Minecraftia. He was just 18 years old at the time he created the soap. In 2006, Nathan was served as one of the writers of Philioaks. He stepped down as the writer in 2009, though he continues to work in the soap, this time as a director. He remained like this until 2015 when he quit working at the soap. Since 2015, Nathan has never appeared on television ever since he quit working at Philioaks, though he is still active on the radio where he serves as one of the producers of the popular radio breakfast program, Wake Up!. In 2019, Nathan created the Minecraft: The Series franchise, where he created many animated series including Villagers VS Pillagers, Buzzin' Around, and Nether City. In addition, Nathan also created the Minecraftian drama series, Steve & Alex.

Personal life

Nathan currently lives in Komapest, where he was born. He is currently married to Heather Baker since 2012, and they have continued to live with each other ever since.

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