Naziha Al-Rajhi (born May 10, 1962) is a Barokian voice actress.


Naziha was born in Casablanca, Morocco in a first-aid area at Mohammed V International Airport to Barokian parents serving in the Barokian Air Force. She was born a Barokian national and still has Barokian citizenship to this day.

Her memorable nasally voice is the result of an injury received in a car crash when she was 15. She began voice acting at age 16 to help her get used to her newfound tone of voice.


  • Cleo in Heathcliff (Barokian dub)
  • Wheezie in Dragon Tales (Barokian dub)
  • Blossom in The Powerpuff Girls (Barokian dub)
  • Dana in Wayside (Barokian dub)
  • Ladonna Compson in Arthur (Barokian dub)
  • Baby Bop in Barney & Friends (2004 Barokian redub)
  • Jazz in Danny Phantom (Barokian dub)
  • Fluttershy in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Barokian dub)
  • Madame Zabinga in Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (Barokian dub)
  • Irma in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Barokian dub)
  • Jerrica "Jem" Benton in Jem (Barokian dub)
  • Dr. Wakeman in My Life as a Teenage Robot (Barokian dub)
  • Juanita in Timothy Goes to School (Barokian dub)
  • Betty in All Archie shows (Barokian dub)
  • Dr. Fox in Unikitty! (Barokian dub)
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