"On one day in 1990, five kids from the planet Earth were kidnapped and nearly distributed throughout the galaxy before Russian cosmonauts saved them and took to the planet Venus to be trained to fight against an alien entity. In the year 1993, they returned as..."
- Intro speech by Tom Selleck

Nebular Knights is a television series in the Technic Heroes franchise created by Libero Ayres, Benny Cronin, and Auguste Boulle.


In 1990, the United Galactic Empires authorized the abduction of five kids for their cruel experiments. A team of then-Soviet cosmonauts saved the kids and took them to a secret international training base on the planet Venus. In 1993, after nearly two years of training they gained while on Venus, they return to Earth and fight as the Technic Heroes team the Nebular Knights, as they fight for world peace and justice and protect the multiverse from the young and inexperienced UGE officer Ratrox and his cronies.


Nebular Knights

  • Rod "Roddy" Edward Curtis - The Red Nebular Knight, he is the leader of the Nebular Knights. He wields the Magnus Sword, which can cut through almost anything. He was played by Clarence Scoti.
  • Wallace "Wally" DuBois - The Blue Nebular Knight, he is second-in command of the Nebular Knights. He has the Power Bow, which can puncture enemies ranging from those who can defeated easily to even monsters who are notorious for being unkillable. He was played by Ghiyath al-Din Al-Mansur.
  • Bruce Kendrick - The Red Nebular Knight, he wields the Warriors' Whip, which can damage everything up to 2,000 feet away. He was played by Oliver MacTavish.
  • Amanda Kang - The Green Nebular Knight, she wields the Ba-Blaster, a highly powerful laser gun. She was played by Chessie Ching in Season 1 and Margaret "Queenie" Ou from Seasons 2-10.
  • Gigi Katz - The Yellow Nebular Knight, she wields the SuperShield, which can protect our heroes in the event of something that could harm them. She was played by Chris Dragusha.

Ratrox's gang

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