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Nehervia is a series of TVs created and marketed by Theorysonic since April 14, 1986, and it replaces the old TheoryTron television sets. It is available in analog (PAL) and digital (DVB-T) markets. The most recent models are digital terrestrial TV and smart TV enabled.


The first Nehervia TV went on sale in the Vlokozu Union on April 14, 1986, it had a cable TV ready, UHF channels, AV output, stereo sound, and sharper quality.

The first flat LCD TV was released in 1994, it was 1.3 meters in length, 40 cm in width and 1.5 meters in 1.5 meters in height, making it the third quarter as tall as an average person.

The first true 16:9 widescreen TV was released in 1996, with digital TV tuners and limited HD support, and full 720p high-definition digital TV released in 1999.

On November 15, 2001, Theorysonic launched their smart TV line called Nehervia SuperSmart (now Nehervia Smart). It is the first smart TV technology with internet capabilities, live streaming, social media, etc. The brand was phased out when new Nehervia 2014 middle-end and high-end models released with smart TV capability.

The first TheoryClear LED TV was released in 2007.


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