Neo-Shifters vs. Bionicle is a 1990 crossover telefilm between Neo-Shifters and Bionicle. It aired in simulcast on El TV Kadsre 1 and RGN on November 12, 1990. Produced by El TV Kadsre Television, Universal Television and RGN Productions, it is the only Neo-Shifters film not to be produced by Warner Bros. While both Neo-Shifters and Bionicle were concluded by the time of the television film's release, its sole purpose is to promote the public service announcements about anti-nuclearization, anti-anarchism and anti-drug abuse. It was suggested and financed by the government of El Kadsre.

The proceeds from the production and extra money from the character royalties went to cancer research.

Due to legal issues, it wasn't released on DVD or Blu-Ray until 2015, when El TV Kadsre and RGN jointly re-released the film on those formats. Before the official DVD release of the film, the only way it survived is in the off-air recordings from its original broadcast and the RGN re-airings. Another DVD release contained within a birthday card was issued by El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment and PartyPlannerz in 2017.

After the partnership break-up of Regal Group Network and El TV Kadsre Television Network in 1996, the film was declared non-canon in the Technic Heroes timeline nor the Neo timeline.

Rinava's work on the score for Ryota Yamada (credited as Alan Smithee) is noted for being the band's first usage of the Roland D-50 synth.


The Paladins are on patrol. The Toa Nuva and Toa Mahri however went to Capulco to step in and decided to go vice-versa, and it destroyed a nuclear weapon set up by the drug-addict anarchists who were trying to start a fascist revolution in El Kadsre.


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