Neon District (Japanese: ネオン地区; Hepburn 'Neon chiku') (Chinese: 霓虹燈區; Pronounced 'Níhóngdēng qū') (Korean: 네온 지구; Pronounced 'Ne-on Jigu') is a district based in Robloxia City, United States of Robloxia. Neon District is located in Central Robloxia City, and is about one-eight of the size of the Central Park. The official language is Japanese, spoken by almost all of the population, but about three-quarters of the Japanese population either know English or aren't even Japanese at all. About a quarter can speak Chinese or have it as their main language, and only 75,000 people out of the 8 million know Korean. Other unofficial languages spoken by either tourists or exchanges from different countries are French, Spanish, German, Czech, Slovak, other Balkan languages and more.

Neon District is a city-state divided into two neigborhoods. The richer Japanese part is called Shiguto, housing 5 million people. The poorer but packed with a labratory Amery neighborhood houses 3 million Chinese people, and was once part of the communist Eastern Bloc from the late 1960's up until November 1989. A tiny, Korean neighborhood which houses 80,000 people named Koreatown is like Kashmir. Caught in a crossfire in a never-ending war on who gets to take it. It is not recognized by any of the neighborhoods, or the USOR itself.


Neon District's name comes from the Neon element, which were discovered by British scientists who travelled to Neon District back in 1898 when it was unnamed and boring and basically invented the Neon element, and the fact that ND itself is a district in a city. This name was given on New Year's Day 1900 after some deciding and Japanese translation of the word "neon".


Settlement and Prehistory (1898 - 1927)

On Janurary 18th, 1898, Japanese settlers from Japan, Malaysia and Palau crashed into what seemed like an island. This island was Robloxia City. Instantly, the last pack of tribal settlers in the area started attacking the poor Japanese people. They were defensless and hid under their boat for a while until they found wooden spears and raw fish. Instantly they started throwing the items at the tribal people, killing off all of them. They felt bad that they just killed off an entire endangered tribe, but quickly got over it and started chopping down trees, going into mines for resources and building traditional Japanese housing, shops and a school that would last until 1953 before being burnt down, adapting to their ancestor's and the modern lifestyle.

Fast forward to May 1898 and the first foregin tourists came. They were British scientists, Sir William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers. The scientists walked into some random maize farmer's house, and William started to chill a sample of air until it became literal liquid. He then boiled the liquid and and captured the gases as he boiled it off.. blah blah blah, long story short he discovered an element.

The citizens of Neon District were very impressed with their invention and decided to let them become permanent citizens. Fast forward to 1899 and the Qing Dynasty suprised the maize farmers of the district and shipped a FRICK ton of rice. Enough to last them 25 years. This endangered maize farming in Neon District and is now no longer farmed.

On December 31st, 1899, the mayor of Neon District at the time, Mitsuhiro Kaze (風光弘, 1898 - 1927) decided that the district should be called Neon District.

Everything seemed to be normal for a while until 1907 when the first 150 Americans moved into Neon District, creating Western influence. They told them they needed a special currency named the Neon Dollar. They accepted this, and created the currency. The Neon Dollar's equal to one Robingle was about 20 ND$. This slowly inflated until 1972, when hyperinflation started and the ND$ had to be discarded.

Blah blah blah, everything normal until 1927, when a group of Chinese immigrants on a boat, about 500 (there were 1000 people in ND at the time, most were japanese or american), wanted war. They fought for days on end, and eventually they assasinated the first mayor, Mitsuhiro Kaze. This triggered the Japanese and American population, forcing them to fight back even harder. Eventually they lost, and they had to sell half of their land to the Chinese. End of Sub-Header.

Post-Chinese Invasion (1927 - 1939)

After the assasination of Mitsuhiro Kaze, a new mayor was put into place. His name was Motoyasu Yada (矢田元康, 1927 - 1945). Nothing much else to say. At first the Japanese were scared of the fact that there were now Chinese people in their city, but then they got threatened with "I swear to god, mistreat the Chinese one more time, we're gonna have a war." by the Robloxian Anti-Racist Movement. This made Motoyasu learn to stop telling the Japanese citizens to stop ignoring them, and thus racism ended. Nothing much else to say.

Robloxia War II (1939 - 1945)

On September 1st, 1939, Robloxia War II started, encouraging all 3 races in the city at the time, Japanese, American and Chinese to join the war and fight the Nazis. Of course, they were on the winning side, and the prize to chasing Germanyblox back into Germanyblox were the funds to create a radio station. Motoyasu resigned as president, which lead to the recruiting of the first American president, Eric Hawkins.

Radio, Famine and Television (1945 - 1969)

In April 1945, work started on the first radio transmitter in the district. Inspired by American influence of course, they wanted their stations to be named KN1 for Shiguto and KC1 for Amery. But they didn't know that since they were west of the Bloxissippi River, they couldn't use "K" and had to use "W" instead, but they ignored this, creating confusion to the non Neon District residents.

Things were normal until 1949 when the government and agriculture services of Neon District detected that The Robloxian's Republic of China was now communist. They instantly cut ties with the RROC, ending rice shipments. This sent Neon District into a giant famine. Over 98% lost their jobs and 99.9% of the population started living under the poverty line. Citizens even started to kill themselves, unable to take the smell of the trash and the sicknesses carried over from the water. All hope was lost. Until...

In Janurary 1952, a man named Takuya Umemura (梅村拓也) had had enough. He instantly went out of his way and took 5 technology experts like him to his house. They discussed that Neon District needed television, and fast. They started work on a television transmitter, which believe it or not, worked first try. They then built a two-story building and established NRT. They also asked the governemt of a shipment about 1000 television sets to Neon District and asked Indiablox and Indonesiblox for shipments of rice that would not give the countries famine, but would be enough to last Neon District for a long time. As the food shortage ended and broadcasts came in for the first time, Neon District was back to booming. All in the span of 7 months.

Communist Amery, Ecomony Boom And Other Crap

In 1969, the newly formed Chinese neighborhood Amery that was starting to get a little short on money. They were then given the descision to either join the Eastern Bloc and become communist until it falls, or to get torn apart in a war. Scared as all hell, they had to decide to become communist. This angered Shiguto and the USOR to no extent to the point where they had to stop funding them.


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