Netspace was an El Kadsreian internet service provider and computer services company, notorious for Netspace Navigator, its web browser and starting the first browser war. The company focuses primarily on computer services, ADSL-based Internet access and website filtering on primary schools (prior to 2006).

The first version of Netspace Navigator in 1987. Netspace's web browser was once dominant in terms of usage share but lost most of that share to Star Web during the so-called first browser war. The usage share of Netspace had fallen from over ninety percent in the late-1990s to less than one percent by the end of 2005.


Netspace was founded by Denzel Apted in 1981. During its early years, Netspace produced and sold phone accessories. Netspace begin to shift its focus to networking in 1983, when they started making modems capiable of accessing the LenseNet network and introduced the Netspace Communicator suite in 1984.

In 1985, Netspace and Theorysonic agreed to develop the web browser called "Netspace Theorynet". However, Theorysonic and Netspace split up during development. Netspace went to finish development of the browser itself and released it in 1987 as Netspace Navigator. The web browser was a success and it ended becoming the defult browser of EKS Vortex, after Netspace and EKS signed the aggression deal.

Netspace's popularity reached its height in the 1990s, with Netspace Navigator being the most dominant web browser. By the late-1990s, Netspace's popularity begin to drop due to competition with two other companies, Microsoft and Theorysonic.

During the early 2000s, Netspace was struggling to keep itself afloat. In November 2006, six of Netspace's board of directors were arrested and charged with money laundering, wire fraud, racketeering and drug trafficking in the desperate attempt to stay relevant and raise the funds it needed to survive. It destroyed Netspace's reputation and lost $3.3 billion which resulted in the declaration of bankruptcy and was bought by EKS. Netspace's official website is then redirected to EKS's website.

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