New Kadesia is a little stick-men shaped country located near Harris. It's main popularity is the amount of stick-mens. It's main language is English and Kadesian. There's no national anthem. It's ISO code is KD.


Prototype Era (1999-2003)

New Kadesia was made by little plants that suddenly formed into a stick men with a solid head. A few creatures called Stick-Mens lived there until evil humans emigrated there and killed them.

BIG Era (2003-present)

The stick-men and human living on that country was growing and reached 100%, as well as big parks and cities with chic fountains and malls. The first Nintendo consoles established on that country were the GBA, Nintendo DS, GBA SP, Game Boy Micro and the Wii. The first open-television network was STV, founded in 2005 by the stick men Samuel Smith Loundoun.

XTREME Era (2012-present)

More Nintendo Consoles were added to the country, like the Nintendo DSi (called Nintendo DS Plus on that country), Nintendo 3DS (called Nintendo Super 3D on that country), the Wii U and the SNES. In 2018, Segalovania was founded as a STV-sub-channel. In 2020, Canal+ Harris expands to New Kadesia.


Unlike other countries, people and Stick-Mens born from nothing and they are born very, very smart. No schools were established on this country because of that reason.


Currently, STV and Segalovania are the only channels established on that country.

Canal+ Harris is set to launch in New Kadesia in January 1, 2020.

Wii U, SNES, and Wii are the consoles that use TV to work on that country.


Stick-men are nice creatures that like humanity (execpt their prototypes in 1999) and treat everything, including trees and pets, with respect. Unlike that stick figure guy on the flag, they don't have any faces. They don't die. They live forever.


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Words in Kadesian

The words in Kadesian are almost identical to the Japanese Romanji language

Fun Facts

  • Instead of money, they use fish, like on the "Pingu" cartoon.
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