Nickelodeon, or simply known as Nick, is an El Kadsreian cable and satellite TV channel. It was launched on June 1, 1994 as El Kadsre's third kids' channel to have four soundtracks of the channel. Its a localized version of the American channel of the same name.


The channel was lanuched in El Kadsre on June 1, 1994 as a timeshared English-language channel for 6:00am to 9:00pm. One of their shorts were Right Here, Right Now (based on the Nickelodeon USA shorts) and their ID's were by FRONT TV. In 2003, it became a part of Nicksplat (Nickelodeon's headquarters in El Kadsre City)


  • Nick is kids (1994-2010)
  • One world, one Nickelodeon (1999-2010)



Logo Title Original network Premiere date (original country) Premiere date (El Kadsre) Country of origin
SpongeBob SquarePants Nickelodeon USA 1999 2000 United States
TLH Logo
The Loud House 2016 2016
Mysticons logo
Mysticons United States:
Nickelodeon USA
2017 2017 Canada
Sherlock koira
Sherlock Hound Japan:
TV Asahi
Rai 1
1984 2015 (note: had already aired UEKN-wide on The Children's Channel from 1986-1992) Japan

Nick Jr.

On weekdays, the channel airs a block called Nick Jr. It airs preschool programming.

Logo Title Original network Premiere date (original country) Premiere date (El Kadsre) Country of origin
Dora the Explorer - 2009 logo (English)
Dora the Explorer Nickelodeon USA 2000 2001 United States
Ni Hao, Kai Lan 2007 2008
Denver, the Last Dinosaur Syndication 1988 2007 (note: had already premiered in 1989 on The Children's Channel)
Rainbow Ruby title card
Rainbow Ruby Canada:
Family Jr.
South Korea:
2016 2018 Canada
South Korea


This block ran from 2003-2004.

Logo Title Original Network Premiere Date (original country) Premiere Date (El Kadsre) Country of origin
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Nickelodeon USA 2002 2003 United States
Rugrats Nickelodeon USA 1991 1994 United States
Ren & Stimpy Nickelodeon USA 1991 1994 United States

Viacom/CBS Networks
Joint venture between Viacom International Media Networks and El TV Kadsre Television Network

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