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Nickelodeon Noobian Union is a network that is owned by Viacom Networks International. It launched in 1996.


Prior to launch (1994-1996)

Before the launch of Nickelodeon in the United Noobian Nations, several channels in the United Noobian Nations started to air Nickelodeon blocks on the main channel.

Prelaunch (1995)


On March 21, 1996, Nickelodeon launched in the Noobian Union at 15:00 and the first program was What is Nickelodeon? The program was an hour long presentation of the expansion of Nickelodeon to the United Noobian Nations and the programs that will air. The first official program was the series premire of All That in the Noobian Union. The channel was on the air for 12 hours; from 07:00-19:00, and for the first few weeks it would sign off with a multilingual test card that said in English, Noobian, French, Sevorian, Spanish and Russian, "Nickelodeon will be back at 07:00. See you in the morning!". After those weeks, Nickelodeon started to timeshare with Paramount Select (Noobian Union) for the other twelve hours of the day.

Nick Jr. (see page for more information)

In June 1996, the Nick Jr. block launched in the Noobian Union and Nickelodeon extended its hours to 06:00-21:00 (15 hours). It aired in three 120 minute segments in the morning (07:00-09:00), afternoon (14:30-16:30) and evening (18:00-20:00). After that it aired in one segment: from 07:00-13:00.