This is the list of all the bootleg NES games in Nintendosia.

Name Year Note
Super Mario World 3 1997 a Hack of the Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends.
Earthbound 2000 1999 Hack of Mother where most assets are changed to fit with MOTHER 2.
Super Kirby Bros. 2001 Hack of Super Mario Bros. where Mario is replaced with Kirby.
Super SimCity 2003 Port of SimCity 2000.
Windows Vista 2007 Hack of the Chinese Windows 98 bootleg where most assets are changed and the game is in black and white (due to the NES color limitations).
Kirby's Avalanche 2010 Hack of the NES version of Puyo Puyo where Kirby says Poyo 2 times to fit with the anime and changes are made to fit with the official SNES version.
Hong Kong 12 2012 A Port of the bootleg SNES game "Hong Kong 97".
USA Battle 2014 A Game where the USA is against Chile.
New Super Mario Bros. 3 2016 A hack of Gimmick!
Roblox 2018 Port of the PC game.
Super Mario World 4 2019 A hack of Hebereke
New Year 100-in-1 2020 Multicart with the most ROM hacks.
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