Differences between international versions

  • The Nintendo Wii U was released in Eruowood as Nintendo Wii 2
  • The Nintendo 64DD add-on was released in Eruowood as Nintendo 64 Discovery

Release date comparison

Console Name Japanese
release date
release date
release date
release date
Famicom (JPN)
Ninitendo Entertainment System (EU/EW/NA)
15th July 1983 1st September 1986 18th October 1985 10th December 1985
Super Famicom (JPN)
Super Nintendo (EU/EW/NA)
21st November 1990 April-June 1992 23rd August 1991 30th June 1991
Nintendo 64 23rd June 1996 1st March 1997 29th September 1996 7th September 1997
Nintendo GameCube 14th September 2001 3rd May 2002 18th November 2001 1st March 2002
Nintendo Wii 2nd December 2006 8th December 2006 19th November 2006 10th December 2006
Nintendo Wii U (JPN/EU/NA)
Nintendo Wii 2 (EW)
8th December 2012 30th November 2012 18th November 2012 4th January 2013
Nintendo Switch 3rd March 2017 3rd March 2017 3rd March 2017 1st December 2017
NESKid Unreleased Unreleased Unreleased March 1989
V-NES Unreleased Unreleased Unreleased 1991
Virtual Boy July 21, 1995 Unreleased August 16, 1995 September 1995
Nintendo 64DD (JP)
Nintendo 64 Discovery (EW)
1st December 1999 Unreleased Unreleased July 2000
VRC Boy Unreleased Unreleased Unreleased March 2002


  • The NESKid has a similar design to the "Top Loader" NES console.
  • The VRC Boy was made by Nintendo Eruowood in cooperation with TechEruo.
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