"Nintendonut" is the seventh episode in season 3 of Toonified. It was broadcast on Fox in 2001 and was rated TV-PG. In the episode, Stu and Greg work together to make a film called Nintendonut featuring Mario.


Greg gives everybody at Nugget, Inc. a month off from work so that he can "spoil everyone with happiness". Stu asks Greg if he wanted to work on a movie with him, and pitches Nintendonut, a 60-minute animated drama film about Mario opening a donut shop called Nintendonut. Greg is pleased by this idea.

The men download an animation program called AnimationCheap2D and begin working on the film, casting themeselves as the voices of Mario and Luigi, respectively. Stu gets Pancake Boy to be the voice of Toad.

After spending 26 days working on Nintendonut, Greg burns it on DVD and takes it to WTOON-TV, asking for them to broadcast it. Bob Lenny tells them that they do not broadcast "crap" and gives them a middle finger.

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