Noach Irwin (born January 1, 1946) is a Canadian-El Kadsreian singer, actor and voice actor. Fluent in many languages, he is often called upon for work as language/accent/dialogue consultant for dubbings, theater, and cinema. He has worked many times as a stage-director for regular plays and as stage-director and music-coach for operas & musicals across North America, Europe and the El Kadsreian Islands.


Noach was born in Toronto in 1946. He grew up in Ottawa before moving to Welchemens with his parents in 1966. He knew Christopher Berger and Martin Berger as a child.

Personal Life

He currently lives in Mata Nui, El Kadsre and currently commutes between El Kadsre City and Canada for work after joining the Charlottetown Family Theater Company on Prince Edward Island in 2017 as a stage director and actor.

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