Noda Games (formerly known as November Dawn) is an American independent game development studio formed by Jamie & Samantha Shertick. The studio, founded in 2015, is known for its game Where Is He.

It works closely with Singularity Games since 2018.


Before the release of Where Is He, there were 9 employees working at Singularity Games' incubation wing at its Redwood City studios, and 7 employees at the incubation center AmplifyLA, with frequent contract employees working remotely. They went on to be hired by Singularity Games, along with 3 employees who used to work in "The Classroom" at Jamie Shertick Productions' headquarters.

In May 2018, Noda Games became a partner studio of Singularity Games, with them acquiring a 5% stake in Noda.

They're currently in talks with Singularity Games about Noda's acquisition of Singularity Games Cheltenham.


Title Platform Year Notes
Where Is He? Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux 2018 Published by Annapurna Interactive.
Mirage Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, AmigaOS, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Sailfish OS 2018 Additional development.
Wild Ride Laserium Neptune TBA Co-developed with Unstoppable Rebels, published by Nimbus Electronics
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