The Noobian Union is a country in Europe. The country was confederated in 1678.

Empire of the Nooblandians (AD 174-1578)


East Robloxian Kingdom Invasion (1578-1678)

On September 21 (O.S September 11) 1577 (Traditional Noobian Style A.D. 1581), The Eastern Empire of Robloxia launched an invasion on the Empire of the Noobians. This was the introduction of many things, including

  • Introduction to the English language
  • Official Robloxian relations

Though a few accepted it, many opposed against it. Around the same time, the former monarch of the Empire of the Noobians were overthrown and replaced with a leader named Borcolev Petrov. Petrov was a very corrupt leader who killed people for opposing him.

Conferderation of the Noobian Union & early years (1678-1700)

In 1641, The Noobian Revolution Began, with the Robloxian Kingdom (Formed 129 years after the fall of the Dynablocks Dynasty)

Current Times (1955-present)

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