The Nooblandian Media Guideline System is a media rating system based in the Noobian Union. It launched in 1978.



Before 1978, many television programmes did not really have an offical rating, but some television groups such as Du Bois Television had some sort of way to show what a show was rated by showing three symbols: if a program had a green circle, it was for all ages. If there was an orange symbol, it means the program should be watched under the supervision of an adult.

Formation of the NMBS

In 1977, the United Noobian Nations decided on a rating system that would be used nationwide. The organisation was formed in 1978.

Original ratings

Rating Description Now
General Audiences

Noobian/ Sevorian: Аудиэнцэ Гэнарал (Audience Génaral)

Suitable for all ages Still used
Suitable for all ages, but targeted towards preschoolers Preschoolers
Parental Guidance Parental guidance recommended to younger viewers
  • 7, 10, Mature 12 and Mature 15 (after 1994)
Restricted Completly restricted to adults
  • 18 and R18 (after 1991)



  • The rating is required to be shown at the beginning of every program on a channel and after every commnercial break unless the channel shares a feed with a channel outside the United Noobian Nations (ex. a Pan-European feed). If that's the case the program's rating can be shown via the information about the program or the guide.
  • (This is a rule as of May 2005.) The show's rating can change by the episode, not the segment (ex. one episode is rated 10 in one episode and 7 in another)
  • The rating cannot act abnormally (one episode rated G, another rated 12)
  • A viewer discrection advisory must be shown before any program rated 12,15, 18 or X. It's optional for anything rated 7 or 10 (if it has more than one content descriptor or is the highest rating on the network).

Current ratings

General Audiences

This rating means that this show is for general audiences, and can be able to air at any time of day. It is the lowest rating a program can recieve. The symbol of the rating has a circle with the letter G.




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