Nordøstat is the capital city of Ostland. It is located northwest of the island of Ost Hovland. It is the most populated city in the country and the political, economic and technological center of the island and the country. The city (as well as some nearby pubs and the Gronnven Forest) constitutes the county of Nordostat..

Geographical distribution


Nordøstat city constitutes a county. This almost totally enclosed between forests, its coast covers almost all its extension. It is the 3rd of the 4 largest counties of Ostland.

The County stretches from the southeast coast of Ostland Meinbyer Island to the mountainous Forest plain in the center of the island.

Its biggest forest is Gronnven. It is not only a forest but in the untouched 2 rivers and is the largest wind energy center in the country: the Gronnven Electric Environmental Technology Center (Gronnven Elektronisk-Teknologisk Center)



The climate of the city is temperate, continental and humid. On average, it was determined that during the day the maximum temperatures are: 5 to 14 degrees during the spring (March - June), 15 or 26 degrees during the summer months (June to August) and -1 to 13 degrees in autumn. In winter, temperatures hover between -30 and -12 degrees.


The city's population is composed of 23% immigrants minorities: The Slavics (Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian) are the 13%; Estonians (7%). and the Danish (and other germanics) are the 4% of the population. Other relevant ethnic groups in the city are the Turks (Kazakhs, Uzbek and Turks are the 1,3%), the Chinese (0,8%) and the Latins: French (0,6%) and Spanish (2,3%).


Nordøstin preach mainly the Christianity: Catholicism (42,3%), Lutheran (34,7%) and Ortodoxism (21,1%).

  • The Ostlandic are predominantly Catholic, as historically, the Catholic belief was rooted in the occupants of the city, although some changed to Lutheranism after the revolution.
  • The Lutherans preachers are basically the Danish, Norwegian and Germans inmigrants.



Shopping Malls and Shops

  • Hyper Merkader Plaza lot
  • Rejskvil Mall Center
  • Richvalley Mall
  • Plaza Nordøstat
  • Walmart Mega
  • Periferen Public Market


In 1998, the First Metro line of Nordostat was opened, forming the First Modern metro (subway) line in Ostland. There are also many private and public(operated by the County government) transport (buses) companies.

Nordøstat City Metro

In 2008, Line 3 of the Nordøstat Metro was completed, comprising the 3 Lines that were established to be built, concluding phase 1 of the project.

  • Line 1: It begins at the Initial Station, located on Alternative Wayson Avenue.
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