Nordbac Union is an Asian and Oceanian island country that is located east of Malaysia and Vietnam. It is bigger than most of the islands in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean, but it's smaller than China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Dankia, Ladinya, Chaidong, and Minecraftia.


Prehistory (3000 BC-100 AD)

Nam Viet Empire(100 AD-200 AD)

Khmer Empire(200AD-300 AD)

New Roman Empire(300 AD-500 AD)

Dai Viet Empire(500 AD-1000AD)

New Roman and Dai Viet Merger (1000 AD-1341 AD)

New Dai Nam Kingdom (1341-1880)

Vietnamese Colonization (1801-1840)

Romanian Colonization (1840-1869)

British Colonization (1870-1889)

Nordbac Empire and French Colonization (1890-1931)

Nordbacian War (1932-1949)

North Nordbac (1949 - 1974)

South Nordbac (1949 - 1970)

Provisional Revolutionary Government Takeover to South Nordbac (1971- 1974)

Communist Nordbac (1975-1990)

Modern Nordbac (1991- Present)


Nordbacian Terrestrial television networks include Televiziunea Nordbăc (NBTV), Pro TV NordBắc, Prima TV, Antena 1, B1, Digi 24, these channel that broadcasts in Romanian. Truyền hình NordBắc (aka THNB), BTH, HTV1 Nordbac, HTV2 Nordbac, HTV3 Nordbac, etc. are some of the channels that broadcasts in Vietnamese.

The cable channels in Nordbac include HBO Asia, Cartoon Network (Southeast Asia), Boomerang (Southeast Asia), Nickelodeon Nordbac, Fox (Asian TV Channel), AXN (Asia), Comedy Central (Asian TV Channel) and NHK World Premium.

The 15 Nordbacian Film Companies are Namthong Studios, NobaFilms, PathéNordo, BHD Nordbac, NordbacGoFilm and more.


  • Nordbacian citizens drive on the left side of the road before the French-Vietnamese Colonization, a characteristic that is found on most former British colonies and the United Kingdom. The HoangTrînh Bridge use the Railway Driving on the Right side of the Rail Tracks.
  • Nordbacian Standard Plugs and Sockets are types A, C, F, and K. The United States, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Romania, Canada and Japan use one or more of these plugs and sockets.
  • The Nordbacian Mobile and Telecommunications Company are Mobifone, Maxis, Telekom, Tele2, Nordcel, Hutch, N1 Axiata, SFR, Altel, Vinaphone, Orange and Vodafone.
  • Nordbac has 20 Country owned Companies. The companies are LăngTaï Technology, NordFast, NobaMilk, Nordlamp, Nobalac-Lactalis, NordFood, Nordfone-BBK, Nord24Mart, NordITCenter, NordGas-BHPetrol and more.
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