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    North El Kadsre, also known as the Democratic Republic of El Kadsre, is a sovereign state part of the United El Kadsreian Nations, in North America, in the El Kadsreian Islands. Its off the coast from its neighboring country El Kadsre and also has maritime boundaries with Kowokam.


Prehistoric: 1950-1958

North El Kadsre: 1958-1969

In 1958, more people of various ethnic origins arrived in El Kadsre and the English language was introduced even more than ever before. Maori culture was introduced to the country as well, but some El Kadsreians weren't very happy with the Maori, leading to numerous protests. This caused El Kadsre to be split up into three nations, North El Kadsre, West El Kadsre and East El Kadsre. After the split-up of El Kadsre, the Soviets occupied North El Kadsre until the 1961 coup d'état, when their communist government was overthrown by the pro-Kayoist nationalist government.

Vlokozu Union: 1969-1982

North El Kadsre independence: 1982-1989

On March 13, 1982, The Northern Vlokozuian State of El Kadsre voted to declare independence from the Vlokozu Union. This later led to the massacre of North El Kadsreian activists on March 15. However, the union turned North El Kadsre into a special administrative region.

Modern North El Kadsre: 1989-present

After the dissolution of the Vlokozu Union, North El Kadsre has become a modernized country.



North El Kadsreian Stamp

The population of North El Kadsre is about 15.3 million. (2019 estimate)