North Merriamia, officially the Democratic Republic of Merriamia, was a country existed from 1945 to 1981, the period when the northern portion of Merriamia was a member of the Western Bloc during part of the Cold War. Its capital was Arim and its largest city is Arulio City (now Metromane City). A southern part of Merriamia was made on the same day, which is the Eastern Bloc by the Soviets.

The Republic of Merriamia was proclaimed on August 14, 1945, with Jose Cruz as its first president. Its sovereignty was recognized by the United States and other nations. It had membership in several special committees of the United Nations.


Founding of North Merriamia

Before the founding of NM, USA controlled whole of Merriamia from 1900s until World War II, where the Japanese conquered Merriamia. On 1945, as part of an agreement, the northern part of Merriamia will be on the Western Bloc (or the USA), while the southern part will be the Eastern Bloc (the Soviet Union). They are divided under 18th parallel.

1 week later, elections was made. Jose Cruz and his running-mate Jonah Tolentino won the election.

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