Northland is an El Kadsreian shopping mall and super-regional retail complex located at El Kadsre City, El Kadsre. It was opened on October 10, 1953, as El Kadsre City Mall. It is the largest shopping mall in the El Kadsreian Islands. Northland has a sister shopping mall called CityPoint Shopping Mall, constructed in 1997. Northland and CityPoint are currently managed by the Quezon and Odaka families via GM Northland Holdings, based in Aventura, Florida, United States in the Miami metropolitan area.


In 1854, the Tsukuda market was opened to the public. It was an outdoor market.

The New Salta city hall, later known as the former El Kadsre city hall was built next to Tsukuda market in 1931.

Both the former El Kadsre city hall and Tsukuda market are renovated into the mall. The mall was first opened on October 10, 1953. The mall was founded by Jim Quezon and Henry Odaka.

In March 1975, the former El Kadsre city hall and Tsukuda market were demolished to make way for the new mall building.

In 1979, the mall was renamed as Northland during the major redevelopment, which lasted from 1975 to 1979.

In 2020, some stores were temporarily closed due to global COVID-19 pandemic.


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