Northwood Interactive was a video game publisher. It was a unit of the Gingo Interactive Group, a division of Gingo Entertainment. This company was established in 1997 to publish video games developed in Japan in North America and Europe, including its most successful release Planetokio for the Sony PlayStation in 1999.

In 2002, Gingo announced that Northwood Interactive was shut down due to no projects planned for the future. According to reports, there had been issues about the company, and it was Gingo's decision to close the company.

Its name was a portmanteau of North Hollywood, California, where Gingo's studios are located.

Games released

Year Title System Developer
1998 Fantasy Tap PlayStation Jaleco
Panzer Bandit Fill-in-Cafe
Puyo Puyo Sun Compile
1999 Missland Altron
Shake Kids Digital Kids
Abalaburn Tamsoft
Puyo Puyo~n PlayStation, Dreamcast Compile
Planetokio PlayStation OutSide Directors Company
2000 Missland 2 Jaleco
Ball Mayhem Tomy
Marionette Company Micro Cabin‎
Möbius Link 3D I.Magic
Pepsiman KID
2001 Tiny Bullets Contrail / Kuusou Kagaku
Planetokio 2 OutSide Directors Company
Puyo Puyo BOX Compile
2002 Tomato Adventure Game Boy Advance Alphadream
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