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Notable events in El Kadsre in the 1950s. The 1950s were a turbulent time in El Kadsre. In 1950, war occured between the Sentanese monarchists and the El Kadsreian republicans. Republicans won and declared the Republic of El Kadsre, while Sentanese loyalists escaped to the northwestern island territory of the former empire and established the Sentanese State. There was an immigration boom, and U.S. Hispanic people, Latin Americans, and Spaniards immigrated the country. Less than 8 years later, the republic split up into North, West, and East El Kadsre.


  • Emperor of Sentan (until 1950): Shori
  • Prime Minister of Sentan (until 1950): Hiroto Hisakawa
  • President of the KSR (until 1950): Hiroshi Kayos
  • President of El Kadsre (1950-1958): Hiroshi Kayos
  • Prime Minister of El Kadsre (1950-1958): Hiroto Hisakawa
  • Premier of El Kadsre (1950-1958): TBA
  • President of East El Kadsre (from 1958): Hiroshi Kayos
  • President of West El Kadsre (from 1958): Edward Gibson
  • President of North El Kadsre (from 1958): TBA


  • February 10 - 1950 Sentanese parliamentary election. The final election held in the Sentanese Empire.
  • July 4 - Hiroshi Kayos arrived in Abeta to see the then-president of Mahri, Takuya Akiyama. KSR and Mahri signed the non-aggression pact, meaning Mahri will aid and join with the KSR in the future war against Sentan and Vicnora.
  • August 12 - Sentanese Emergency Cabinet formed as war looms in the air.
  • September 17 - Kayos sends around 5,000 troops to Mahri, where they join with the Mahri troops. They went on 12 boats carrying around 10,000 troops, with 4 LSTs carrying 8 tanks each.
  • September 19 - Eight-Day War begins.
  • September 19 - Eight-Day War: Mahrian and KSR troops arrived at the western section of the northern island of the Sentanese Empire via boat behind the artillery fire.
  • September 19 - Eight-Day War: On the same day, then-prime minister of the Sentanese Empire, Hiroto Hisakawa, was in the meeting with the then-prime minister of Sweden Tage Erlander in Stockholm. He was informed the KSR and Mahri launched the surprise attack on the empire. Erlander agreed to launch Swedish troops to the El Kadsreian Islands to help Sentan push back the KSR and Mahrian troops in the northern island of the Sentanese Empire.
  • September 21 - Eight-Day War: Battle of Glonisia: On September 21, 1950, KSR and Mahri successfully conquered the northern island of the Sentanese Empire and, on the same day, Glonisla fell.
  • September 22 - Eight-Day War: On the night of September 22, KSR arrived and conquered the northern section of the Sentan's north-east island. Sentan and Sweden managed to drive KSR off.
  • September 23 - Eight-Day War: Battle of Makohiro: On the early hours of September 23, Kayos ordered Kyou Yamauchi to sent a telegram to the Venezuelan president Carlos Delgado Chalbaud requesting to take aid for the KSR and Mahrian troops. Chalbaud agreed to send his troops to Makohiro to take backup for KSR troops and help claim Makohiro. Later that day, KSR and Venezuelan troops launched the surprise attack in Makohiro. The first half of the troops arrived in the northern beach while the rest arrived in Makohiro, allowing them to capture Makohiro. As KSR and Venezuelan troops reached Makohiro, Sentanese and Swedish troops retreated and headed to the Vicnoran city of Cicmpillici.
  • September 24 - Eight-Day War: On September 24, 1950, Kayos arrived in Belgrade and met with the then-Yugoslavian prime minister Josip Broz Tito to ask for aid. Tito didn't agreed with Kayos' beliefs, but he agreed to act on behalf on Kayos.
  • September 24 - Eight-Day War: Battle of Cicmpillici: On noon of that day, KSR, Mahrian and Venezuelan troops crossed the border between KSR and Vicnora and head towards Cicmpillici. Sentanese and Swedish troops, sends the telegram to then-king of Vicnora Azerik VII and commander Goran Perim to inform that Vicnora is being invaded by KSR, Mahrian and Venezuelan forces.
  • September 25 - Eight-Day War: Blue Monday: On a Monday, Vicnoran and Swedish troops attacked a Venezuelan army post in Cicmpillici killing 5 soldiers.
  • September 25 - Eight-Day War: Battle of Caelum
  • September 26 - Eight-Day War: Battle of Kurifushi
  • September 27 - Eight-Day War: Battle and fall of New Salta
  • September 27 - Shori, the last Sentanese emperor abdicates following Sentan's defeat.
  • September 27 - Republic of El Kadsre declared. Eight-Day War ends. Sentanese State established.
  • September 28 - Kayos gives a speech addressing Shori's war atrocities
  • October 5 - Shori along with the remaining members of the House of Asuka and two Sentanese generals, Shouta Abe and Hiroki Ito, are executed.
  • November 1 - Kadshowa begins


  • February 8 - Capulco established
  • March 25 - The first television channel in El Kadsre, El Kadsreian Television launches.
  • August 12 - Shota Kita and Yuuma Saito, two Sentanese forces set the El Kadsre City Hall ablaze in attempt to assassinate Hiroshi Kayos and his family by burning them alive within the hall. Kayos managed to escaped the fire.
  • December 1 - TTV, the first government-owned television station was launched.


  • January 6 - Kita and Saito were executed for arson and attempted to assassinate the Kayos family
  • February 22 - Rinoshi Hotel opens in El Kadsre City
  • September 13 - El Kadsre becomes a member of the United Nations.


  • February 18 - El Kadsreian agents Kenzo Akiyama, Kazuki Miura and Rokuro Shimizu, assassinate Jurou Inoue, a former high-ranking general of the Imperial Sentanese Army in his apartment in Villamonte, Raland
  • February 26 - El Kadsreian police arrests Oliver Walsh, the Ralander citizen working for the Ralnder Broadcasting Commission as the El Kadsreian corerespondent in response of the arrest of Kazuki Miura in Villamonte.


  • April 13 - El Kadsreian agent Okuro Tanigawa was arrested by Ralander police in Villamonte while attempting to assassinate former Sentanese prince Sakichi during his press conference.
  • April 24 - El Kadsreian police arrests Nathan Brooke, a another Ralander journalist in response of Okuro Tanigawaโ€™s arrest.


  • March 31 - Caelum incorperated.


  • July 6 - Hiroshi Kayos and Narthernese president Peruka Naku form EKITO
  • September 5 - North Comoeys City massacre. Kayos orders troops to shoot protestors in North Comoeys City protesting against the military dictatorship. In total 107 people are killed.


  • October 19 - Shane Yoshida attempts to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to the United States. A policeman is killed and shortly after the incident the Commonwealth imposes sanctions on El Kadsre.
  • November 10 - TTV begin airing test color television transmissions


  • January 1 - In his New Yearโ€™s statement that was televised on EKTV, Hiroshi Kayos threatened to send missiles to countries that are both part of NATO and the Warsaw Pact if they didnโ€™t lift sanctions on El Kadsre within the year.
  • January 2 - El Kadsre was withdrawn from the United Nations
  • January 5 - El Kadsre's population hits 45 million, according to the census taken on this date.
  • February 1 - The first protests of the Maori shock start.
  • February 26 - United Nations gives a ultimatum to El Kadsre in which they either disarm themselves or face military action.
  • February 28 - Invasion of El Kadsre begins
  • May 18 - Invasion of El Kadsre ends and El Kadsre split into three nations: North (ruled by the Soviets), East (ruled by Kayos), and West (ruled by the Commonwealth).
  • May 30 - Viva Inc. was founded