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  • January 26 - Namco and Drillimation's Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom is released in the arcades and sweeps the arcade industry in El Kadsre, as well as its neighboring countries in North America. The home console version also sweeps the gaming industry, selling 12 million copies worldwide and making it the second-best selling Drillimation game worldwide behind 1986's Mr. Driller, which was also produced by the same company.







  • October 17th - Shouhei Inoue, the Kolhii player from the very wealthy Inoue family, returned home shaped as the medieval castle built in 1978, from his friend's house where he slept over for 3 nights and missed the Kolhii training and the Kolhii match. His mother, Yuzuki Inoue punished him by closing his Technic Heroes World account and grounding him for 2 weeks. He went so insane, he picked up the Type 58 assault rifle from the shed and shoot all of his family members. 4 Inoue family members, his father, his 2 brothers and 1 sister managed to escape by calling his friend and went out of the house from the back door and into the 1987 model of Nissan Vanette without him knowing. Shouhei tried to shoot the van but the bullets missed the van. When he saw the police approach the house, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the forehead. Shouhei, along with his mother, 5 brothers, and 2 sisters were found dead by the police. They found the suicide note taped in Shouhei's shirt reading I'm responsible for the massacre. Take the bodies away and me as well. Don't touch anything but turn off the electricity and lock all of the doors on your way out. After the police investigated the scene of the shooting and when they took all of the bodies out of the house, the house becomes abandoned and left untouched for 18 years.