'Notchist Shinto' (Japanese: ノッチ神道, Hepburn: 'Nocchi Shintō'), sometimes called Notchism, is a monotheistic Abrahamic branch of Shinto that is commonly practiced in Minecraftia. Almost all Shintoists in Minecraftia follow this branch, where they are sometimes referred to as Notchists.

List of differences

While elements from Shinto and Christianity are present in the branch, the list below states the differences between Shinto, Notchism, and Christianity.

Shintoism Notchism Christianity
Shintoists worship kami. Notchists believe in only one kami, being the same God from Abrahamic religions, with Japanese worshippers calling him Kamisama (the Japanese word for God in Abrahamic religions). Christians believe in God.
Shrine maidens wear red hakama. Notchist shrine maidens are sometimes called altar servers in Eastern Minecraftia, but it's more polite to use the term shrine maiden. Shrine maidens also wear sky blue hakama instead. N/A
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