Nova Orbis (also known as Nova Orbis: The Movie) is a 1978 Vlokuzuian kadsresatsu superhero film. It is the third Technic Heroes installment, the first Nova Orbis installment and the first to be released internationally, as Robotman and Robotman 2 both weren't released until 1984.

It was a first Vlokozuian film to nominate a Oscar at the Academy Awards. Based on the the arcade game of the same name released in 1977 by Edacra, Nova Orbis was intended to be the spinoff of the Robotman series..



Production and release

Nova Orbis was the first Technic Heroes film to be released overseas: getting screened in 1978, the same year of it's Vlokozuian release, in Jazila, Haalis, Engotu, the Soviet Union and Brazil. Pasi Peure stated in a 2005 interview that "everyone in the cinemas oohed-and-aahed. They had never seen such beings doing such incredible feats of strength and courage." In 1979, it was screened one more time in the Soviet Union in competition for the Golden Prize at the 11th Moscow International Film Festival. The same year, it was screened at several American film festivals where the applause level was measured at every screening, eventually winding up in a wide American release.


Nova Orbis had a very slow start in the Vlokozuian box office during its initial theatrical run.

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