Nueva Peking (Chinese: 新北京 Xīn běijīng) is a country in the southern El Kadsreian Islands located off the coast between Faricia and Jazila.

The main three Chinese dialects (Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hakka), Spanish, and Portuguese are the most spoken languages in the country.


Nueva Peking became a Portuguese colony in 1865 during the scramble of the Arito Islands (now the El Kadsreian Islands) in the mid-19th century and over 20 thousand Chinese people who were POWs of the Second Opium War were imported where they were forced to do hard labor there. In the mid-1930s, 1 million POWs of the Spanish Civil War were imported and forced to do hard labor aswell.

In mid-1939, Portugal sold Nueva Peking to Sentan and later, The Republic of El Kadsre in 1952. Nueva Peking remained as the territory of El Kadsre until 1995, when they gained independence from El Kadsre and Weiguo I was coronated as the first emperor of Nueva Peking and he rules the nation to this day. The first prime minister recruited by Weiguo was Alberto Zhao.


The main television channels are run by Nueva Peking Broadcasting: NPTV 1ch (Mandarin), NPTV 2ch (Cantonese), NPTV 3ch (Portuguese), NPTV 4ch (Hakka), NPTV Mundo (Español), and NPTV Vision (English).


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