OS-Tan Ware (known as Made in OS-Tan in Japan) is a PS1 game meant to be released near the end of the console's life, the game was meant to be released in March of 2006, but a lawsuit from Nintendo prevented the game from being released.

List of places the game was shown

  • Tokyo Game Show 2005
  • E3 2005
  • CES 2006


The game is similar to WarioWare, each time the time runs out, you move into the next microgame, ME-Tan is a big fan of Windows ME (just like how 9-Volt was a big Nintendo fan), that her microgames are based on that OS.


in late 2004, Yoshitake Yumezumi wanted to work on a game that would compete against WarioWare, the game was announced in 2005 at 3 places.


in late 2005, Nintendo filed a lawsuit against Futaba Games and Microsoft, the lawsuit follows these companies copying Nintendo's work, so the companies that copied the game decided to scrap the game.

During CES 2006, the company showed footage of the game for 1 second before a stamp saying "canceled" appears on the screen and explains about the cancellation.


in 2008, an eBay auction for the prototype started popping up, the prototype was later dumped a year later, making the game playable on emulators.


  • This was the first OS-Tan game to be canceled.
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