O RLY? (pronounced "Oh Really?"), also known as Joel Paye's O RLY?, is an El Kadsreian animated comedy television series created by animator Joel Paye for El TV Kadsre 3 that first aired on October 5, 2018. The show is produced, animated, and distributed by Joel Paye's AWOL Entertainment and is also animated by the American company Double Animation and Conlandian-based animation studio Brain Replay.

O RLY? is best known for personifying popular memes and making poking fun at popular websites by turning them into locations.


The show takes place in the Internet, a world that heavily resembles the real life internet, similar to Wreck-It Ralph. A group of citizens in Browseland named Browsie Click, Art Site, and Webster Domain go on "adventures" throughout the Internet and explore different places.

Production and development

"My vision for the art of O RLY? was for it to look really cartoon-like but also put emphasis on some of the meme characters' meme features, thusly creating several different drawing styles."
- Joel Paye

O RLY is produced in El Kadsre, where the voice actors are casted and their voices are recorded. The series is then animated in the United States and Conlandia using Ibox Animate 2D.


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Discordia, a country within O RLY?'s universe, has been criticized numerous times by Discord Inc., the developers of the Discord app due to the country being described as "lewd" and "uncivilized," a reference to Discord's users. Joel Paye soon released a statement stating that it was not meant to offend Discord Inc., it was just a "statement" about most Discord users, not the company.

In later episodes, the behavior of the Discordia citizens becomes far more civilized.


In El Kadsre, the series airs on El TV Kadsre 3. Reruns air on ETVK0.

International broadcast

Country Network(s)/Channel(s) Premiere date Notes
Canada Adult Swim October 16, 2018
Conlandia CBC Love
Euro Republics Channel 6
United States TBS
Andere Funk October 23, 2018
Indosa Univision December 25, 2018
North Pacific Nations
(Alau Islands, Le Sauveur, and Mavant)
RepubliquesTV December 29, 2018
Ofriuye Play January 11, 2019
Philippines PhiNet March 14, 2020
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