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Their home castle is located west of Downtown Kozankyo. The founders' three sons were born and raised in the castle. However, both founders' sons live elsewhere and are only called into the castle for special occasions.


Showa Era

The roots for the clan started in the early 1950s when its founder, Shigeru Ochiai and his future wife Asuka Oguchi first met at Minecraftia University. Shortly after they graduated, they became married and built a Japanese-style castle located west of Downtown Kozankyo. Shigeru became the daimyo as a result, while Asuka became the escort.

Once they began living inside their castle, the couple had three sons: Hotaru Ochiai, born in 1959, Masaru Ochiai, born in 1962, followed by Hideo Ochiai, born in 1965.

Heisei Era

Around a few months after the Heisei Era began, Kisumi became pregnant with Kagami. On December 21, 1989, Kagami Ochiai was born and welcomed into the clan. Two and a half years later, on May 10, 1992, Hideo and Kisumi had another daughter, Yumi Ochiai.


Generally, the daimyou and his consort, being Shigeru Ochiai and Asuka Oguchi, generally wear a sokutai and junihitoe, which was homemade by Oguchi's parents. They both wore them during their wedding, and has become a tradition when each of Ochiai and Oguchi's three sons had a wedding, generally the day after the ceremony. Their sons did not get married the same way as Shigeru and Asuka Ochiai did, but got married Victorian style, and would sleep at the Ochiai Clan's home castle, and would change from their wedding attire to with the groom being in a sokutai, and the bride being in a junihitoe.

When one of Shigeru and Asuka's sons visit the village, the man would be dressed in hakama trousers and the woman being in a five-layer kimono. Their sons would dress the same way but the daughters would wear hakama over furisode.

Family Tree

Yuyuko Saigyouji
Rinnosuke Morichika
many generations
Shigeru Ochiai
Asuka Oguchi
Torisawa family tree
Hotaru Ochiai
Unknown wife
Masaru Ochiai
Unknown wife
Hideo Ochiai
Kisumi Torisawa
Takeshi Ochiai
Satoshi Ochiai
Kensuke Ochiai
Toru Ochiai
Kagami Ochiai
Yumi Ochiai
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