Oiatchi Ltd. (株式会社 オアッチ lit. Kabushiki Gaisha Oiatchi) is a Japanese electronics manufacturer that was founded by Forcefield Limited in 1997 and originally focused on pachinko, pachislot and medal arcade games. The company was later spun-off into its own legal entity before being purchased back by Forcefield Entertainment in 2008. The company now produces various electronic devices, such as light bulbs, printers, cameras and amusement park equipment, among other items.


The company was created as a separate entity from Forcefield Limited in 1997 when the company split apart due to financial problems. The company, while treated as a different legal entity, was allowed to use Forcefield Limited properties for pachinko and pachislot machines. The company's final pachislot game was Tsujin Paradise Pachislot RR2 in 2008 before the company was purchased back from the company that same year. The company left the gambling industry to focus soley on electronics.

List of pachinko / pachislot games

  • CR Galaxy Shot R (2001)
  • CR Galaxy Shot Night (2001)
  • CR Super Block Breaker SP (2004)
  • CR Super Block Breaker Z (2004)
  • Fever Super Block Breaker Ultra (2004)
  • Tsujin Paradise Pachislot RR2 (2008)


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