Okatia (Okatian: ⵧⴽⴰⵜⵉⴰ) is a country.


Before 999 BC, Okatia was populated by prehistoric tribes speaking Atxanga. In 999 BC, Berber Africans sailed to Europe and colonized islands that the major European empires at the time believed to be cursed and uninhabitable. (This is why Okatian is a Berber language). During the BC era, the country was a major regional power, and colonized all of the Okatian Archipelago. However, in 1 AD, a war occurred with Kuboian tribes and Okatia lost everything except for the northern islands.

In the colonial era, Okatia attempted to start a colonial empire, and took over Emitomhea. Most of the Atxanga-speakers were sent there, in an event similar to Bantustans during Apartheid and the US Trail of Tears.

After World War II, the southern parts of the Ghost Archipelago, meaning the islands that weren't part of Okatia or Puerto Chango, were colonized by countries such as Spain, Great Britain, and Victoria, in an event known as the Scramble for the Ghost Archipelago. Okatia lost 3 islands during the Scramble; the most southwestern island of Okatia, Efoca Island, was mostly colonized by Victoria (some parts of Efoca became independent as Schotekanya); and the 2 islands east of Efoca were colonized by Great Britain and became the Dominion of Marvatia, the predecessor to modern-day Marvatia and Garajuen. A lot of people from the colonizing countries and the Iberian countries emigrated to Okatia, including a lot of English-speakers.

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