(Olaksian: Olaksavutzyă) Olaksia, or the Republic of Olaksia is a country in Europe bordered to Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria. It is specifically located in the Balkans.



This country was isolated for many years, until some Indo Europeans and Turkics had settled in the land.

After Isolation:

The country was mostly inhabited by Indo-Europeans originating from Romania and a small part of Moldova. The Turkics were believed to be from a area from Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan. It was also a kingdom.

Ottoman occupation (1906-1930)

Olaksia was invaded by the Ottoman Empire in 1906, and was known as the Ottoman Republic of Olaksia.

Socialism era (1930-1955)

Many Olaksians gathered around the Ottoman Empire and killed many Turks.

Some people from Olaksia were begging the Ottomans to free their country.

With the help of the Soviet Union, the Olaksians got their independent country and were free from those Ottomans.

Olaksia was then known as the Socialist Democratic Republic of Olaksia, and was a satellite state of the Soviet Union until 1949. It was part of the Latino Socialist Pact until Olaksians were getting fed up of Socialism.

In 1954, just one year before independence from the SDRO, a lot of Olaksians wanted to ban socialism all together. They were successful, and became simply just Olaksia in 1955.

Republican era (1955-2002)

The country was a republic until 2002 where the monarchy from long ago was restored. Before this era ended, a civil war went on from 1991 to 1996.

Kingdom era (2002-2019)

The country became a kingdom in 2002, and the person who was chosen to be king was Mike Penstrodana, which is now known as King Penstrodana.

Republic yet again (2019-present)

The country abolished feudalism in this year and made some major changes, like lifting the ban to mobile phones, which was in effect in 2009-2019.



Olaksia has the following television channels:

  • OLK1 and others (Olaksian language) Sharkaa (English language)
  • Channel One Olaksia (Olaksian and Russian language)
  • Channel 4 (Olaksia) (Korean language)
  • Others (Olaksian and other languages)
  • LKS (Serbian)
  • TRT Olaksia (Olaksian and Turkish)
  • OLK8 (Romanian)

Snacks and others

Snacks like Ulker Halley or Haribo are imported from Turkey and Germany respectively. Other snack food companies have their own operations in Olaksia.

The EAS system was launched in 1991 due to a civil war that lasted 5 years. It was used to alert people about terrorist attacks, bomb detonation, and more hazards.

It sounds quite similar to the Canadian EAS sound whenever something bad happens.

Video games are often played on computers in Olaksia, due to the fact that the country has been losing money after the civil war ended. The country often struggles with floods, especially in the north.

Plasma TVs are a rare sight in Olaksia, as most people prefer CRT tvs.

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