Omaha Luna Park is an amusement park located in Omaha, Nebraska that is owned by Carwardine Parks. From 1990 until 1997 the park was in demise.

The park opened in 1916, and it's famous mouth entrance was inspired by Luna Park, Melbourne in Australia.


The park opened in 1916.

In 2003, 5 new roller coasters were installed for the "Man vs. Lines" project, an attempt to compete with Six Flags Nebraska.


  • Old Luna Park
  • Nebraska's Main Street
  • Kiddie Land (formerly known as PBS Kids Neighborhood from 2003-2007)
  • New Luna Park


Roller coasters

  • Bobsled (1985; An Intamin Bobsled coaster, planned to be seasonal due to maintenance costs.)
  • Boomerang (1990; An Arrow Dynamics Launched Loop II [essentially Vekoma Boomerang but made by Arrow] roller coaster)
  • Centurion (2016; A B&M Giga Coaster, can be seen from the seats facing the entrance at the Ameritrade Stadium.)
  • Cosmik (2009; A S&S Thrust Air 2000; formerly known as Hypersonic XLC at Kings Dominion from 2001-2007)
  • Cycle Kid (2000; A TOGO Cycle Coaster similar to Cycle Coaster at Enakyo Wonderland in Japan)
  • Jet Star (1978; A Schwarzkopf Jet Star roller coaster)
  • Lunar Loop (1989; A Schwarzkopf Looping Star roller coaster, originally going to be refurbished and renamed Sandstorm in 2002, but that was cancelled in favor of Redwall: Fight For Victory)
  • Nebraskan Nightmare (2003; a BAMECO Racing Coaster)
  • Python Pit (2009; An E&F Miler kiddie coaster, relocated from the former Jeepers! fun center at Carwardine Mills)
  • Redwall: Fight for Victory (2003; A GCI wooden roller coaster with similarities to Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce; construction began in 2002 under Custom Coasters International but the ride was completed by GCI due to Custom Coasters' bankruptcy)
  • Sagwa's Rickshaw Run (2003; A BHS/Schwarzkopf Family Looping Coaster, previously operated on the German fair circuit from 1988-1997 as Der Serienmörder and with FairCon from 1998-2002 as Killer)
  • The Secret of NIMH: The Ride (2006; A Zierer NIMH Clone)
  • Toad Patrol: Flying Through the Big Blue (2003; a Vekoma SLC Coaster)
  • Silverwing (2003; a SkyTrak Flying Coaster; previously operated on the German fair circuit from 1998-2001 as Soloflight)
  • Special Delivery (1928; a wooden roller coaster, given an ACE Coaster Classic award in 2012, often known for it's immense amount of airtime, mostly due to the only restraint being a seatbelt, had six major refurbishments, as listed below, this was the longest wooden coaster until the Beast came out in 1979)
    • In 1942, a portion of the coaster was destroyed by a gas pipeline explosion and subsequent fire, the track was rebuilt, albeit with a different wood to save money during World War II, for almost half a century, it was quite obvious what was replaced.
    • In 1961, the wooden tunnels were replaced with more "modern" aluminum tunnels with the track being replaced in those tunnels
    • In 1980, the brakes were replaced with automatic brakes, eliminating the use of a brakeman
    • In 1989, most of the track has been replaced by Dinn
    • In 1998, the drop has been retracked by CCI due to roughness complaints
    • In 2017, the remainder of the Dinn track and the lift hill (which was last retracked in 1989) was retracked by GCI, the drop is still the 1998 track.
  • Virginia Reel (1916; a Virginia Reel roller coaster, the last surviving Virginia Reel coaster in the United States, SBNO from 1995-1998 due to high maintenance costs and was planned to be demolished at the end of the 1998 season until Carwardine bought and saved the park, given a ACE Coaster Classic Award in 2001, celebrated it's 100th anniversary in 2016 with several celebrities from Nebraska, including Emily Kinney, Ted Hartley and John I. Jenkins, riding the ride in 2 golden tubs)

Flat rides

  • Carousel (1921; An Unknown Manufacturer [listed as John Jay Doe on the website] Carousel)
  • Crazy 8 (1980; A Huss Troika ride)
  • Dodgems (1960; Bumper cars)
  • Himalaya (1982; A Wisdom Himalaya ride)
  • Storm (1988; A Huss Enterprise)
  • Sleigh Ride (1978; A Mack Schlittenfahrt [Swing-Bob] ride)
  • The Spider (1993; A Huss Magic ride with a spider theme)
  • UFO (1984; A Huss UFO ride, the last operating Huss UFO ride in the United States)

Kiddie rides

  • Banana Squadron (2009; A Zamperla Mini Jet ride with bananas, relocated from the former Jeepers! fun center at Carwardine Mills)
  • Dino-Go-Round (1990; A carousel style kiddie ride made by Zamperla with dinosaurs)
  • Kiddie Dodgems (1970; Kiddie bumper cars)
  • Kiddie Himalaya (2009; A Mini Himalaya ride, relocated from the former Jeepers! fun center at Carwardine Mills)
  • Tumble Bugs (1962; A Traver Kiddie Tumble Bug ride)

Restaurants and food stands

  • Beer Garden (since the death of a drunk woman on Flight Commander at Kings Island, rides within a 22 acre radius that aren't kiddie rides have a "Sober Check" to check if you drank beer or not, if you drank, you wouldn't be allowed to go on the ride)
  • McDonald's
  • Subway

Omaha Luna Park: Then And Now (1989 to 2019)

Parking Lot Toll Booth Entrance

  • The parking lot entrance booth is light blue (1989)
  • The parking lot entrance booth is white (2019)

Mouth Entrance

  • The mouth entrance has no security scan (1989)
  • The mouth entrance has a security scan (2019)

Lunar Loop

  • The ride's line is long, and is painted black and white (1989)
  • The ride's line is short, and is painted in shades of purple (2019)


  • The ride is painted black and yellow (1989)
  • The ride is painted purple and yellow (2019)


Kiddie Land

  • Rather barren with little to no trees (1989)
  • Lots of trees and filled with rides (2019)

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