One Last Minute is a progressive punk rock band that signed to Rubix Records in 1991. The band consists of lead vocalist/guitarrist Ken Zaccarin, backup guitarrist Sebastian Protter, bassist Newton Hammond, drummer Alexandre Salcido, and percussionist Brent Plosker, with sound effects by Orville Krueger and Tim Astromoff.

On December 6, 1994, the band released their debut full-length album Heat, which consisted of the single "And There Was". Their second album Okay, Screw This was released on August 20, 1996 and consisted of the singles "Got Me Mad" and "Still Waiting". Their third album, Spirit Day, which was released on November 17, 1998, was the last album before the band's break-up in 2001.

The band reunited in 2014.


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