Onio Republic (onio: Онио Республикасы) is a country in Asia. In 1266, One man called Шламостика ине (Şlamostïka ïne), wanted to make a country, but the unknown man dienied it, then, they started to argue "NO! I WANT TO MAKE A COUNTRY! YOU WON'T GET A COUNTRY AND THAT IDS FINAL!!" Then, an unknown man yelled at them "KNOCK IT OFF!!!!" And they started to have a war, then in 1378, the country came in. It used to be called Tlemmosiaclem. In 1922, it came to the soviet union. Then in 1942 during the world war two, the name changed to Oniosiak. but in June 2018, Onio Republic got a $5,000,000,000 bill by changing the name to Onio Republic.

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