Opaline Robins (born 15th October 1963) is a Jetanie actress and voice actress.


Opaline was born in the Roman Catholic parish of St. Bernard, Jetania to teenage parents. Her mother, a Japanese immigrant, worked in erotic bars and strip clubs and acted in pornographic films for money, and her father, the grandson of the one of the original residents of Jetania, left the family for a year of study in the United Kingdom when she was 8. After her mum committed suicide when she was 10, she and her brother David (b. 1964) spent time living with her great-grandparents in the Akihabara area of Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. She began voicing Marilyn Madison in 1984, initially recording from a personal studio in Tokyo before moving back to Jetania for the recording of Marilyn's dialogue in Series 3.

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