Here's the preview list:


  1. El TV Kadsre warning screen
  2. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment logo
  3. Piracy. It's a Crime
  4. EKFGR ratings promo
  5. This is DVD advert
  6. advert
  7. Disneyland Paris advert
  8. "Stay tuned after the feature for a bonus music video" screen
  9. Robots PSA - Cell Phone
  10. "The following feature are classified E" screen
  11. "Feature presentation" screen
  12. EKFGR "E" classification
  13. 20th Century Fox logo
  14. Blue Sky Studios logo
  15. Start of film


  1. End of film
  2. "Bonus music video" screen
  3. Sarah Connor - From Zero to Hero [music video]
  4. El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment logo
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