1. El TV Kadsre warning screen
  2. PolyGram Video logo
  3. EKFGR promo: Ratings Advice
  4. Video piracy. Daylight robbery
  5. PlayStation advert: Heart of Darkness
  6. "Coming soon to video" screen
  7. "The following previews and feature are classified E" screen
  8. Barney's Great Adventure trailer
  9. "Yours to own on video" screen
  10. Oliver and Company trailer
  11. Chupa Chups advert
  12. "The following previews are classified PG" screen
  13. "Coming soon to video" screen
  14. Bean: The Ultimate Disaster trailer
  15. Anastasia trailer
  16. Spiceworld trailer
  17. Disneyland Florida advert
  18. El TV Kadsre 2 promo: Gethers
  19. "Stay tuned after the feature" screen
  20. "Feature presentation" screen
  21. EKFGR "E" classification ID
  22. Start of film


  1. End of film
  2. All Saints "Never Ever" [music video]
  3. "Yours to own on video" screen
  4. "The following preview are classified PG" screen
  5. James and The Giant Peach trailer
  6. Microsoft advert: Barney ActiMates
  7. El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment logo
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