Preview list:

  1. El TV Kadsre Warning screen
  2. El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment logo
  3. FACT: The pirates are out to get you
  4. EKFGR ratings promo
  5. This is DVD advert
  6. "The following previews are classified PG" screen
  7. "Coming soon to own on DVD and video" screen
  8. Lana X: The Ladybot trailer
  9. "The following previews are classified M" screen
  10. Minority Report trailer
  11. Dead or Alive: Final trailer
  12. "Now available to own on DVD and video" screen
  13. Boost 2: Powered Style trailer
  14. "Feature Presentation" screen
  15. EKFGR claasification 'M'
  16. El TV Kadsre Films logo
  17. Silver Bullet Pictures logo
  18. Start of film
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