Preview list:

  1. El TV Kadsre warning screen
  2. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment logo
  3. Piracy. It's a Crime
  4. EKFGR ratings promo
  5. This is DVD advert
  6. "The following preview and feature are classified E" screen
  7. "Now available to own on video & Disney DVD" screen
  8. Home on the Range trailer
  9. "The following preview are classified PG" screen
  10. "Now available to on own video & DVD" screen
  11. Spy Kids 3: Game Over trailer
  12. "The following preview are classified M" screen
  13. "Now available to on own DVD" screen
  14. The Simpsons DVD collection trailer
  15. Disneyland Resort in California advert
  16. "Feature Presentation" screen
  17. EKFGR "E" classification
  18. 20th Century Fox logo
  19. Start of film
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