Operation Verlammen was a operation planned by the East El Kadsreian government aimed to reunify El Kadsre by driving out the Commonwealth West El Kadsre and the socialist North El Kadsre. The operation wasn't the first but was the well-known attempt.

Hiroshi Kayos came up with the operation as early as 1964, and ordered a dozen spies, including Hiroki Sakamoto, Ken Thompson, Shin Saito, Kichiro Tanaka and Katsuo Kimura to use the intention of using it to take control of West El Kadsre and arrest all West El Kadsreian politicians once Takehiko Maeda, Michael Vlokozu and Richard Giles had been assassinated in the July 13 plot. Maeda, Vlokozu and Giles' death was required for the East El Kadsreian military to invade the West and the North so El Kadsre would be reunified.

After three years of preparation, the plot has been activated in 1967, but failed. The operation later led to the West El Kadsreian invasion of the East a year later.

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