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Opryland is an amusement park located in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. that is owned by Ryman Hospitality Properties and operated by Carwardine Parks. It first opened in 2003.


The new Opryland park was built 5 miles from the original park. The park was originally themed to four different music genres: Country USA (country music), British Rock! Garden (rock music), Popryland (pop music), and Rasta Reggae Island (reggae music).

In 2004, Apex Valley, a ProSlide Tornado was added to the waterpark. This is the first Tornado slide in the state of Tennessee.

In 2006, Double Dash Dueler would debut at the park.

The current manager of the park is Mason Cetkovska, the brother of Mandy Cetkovska.


  • Opry Gates (main entrance)
  • Boardwalk
  • Country USA
  • British Rock! Garden (rock music themed area)
  • Grizzly River Canyon (misspelled Grizzly River Cannon on older park maps)
  • Kids Kountry (formerly known as "77 Kids Rad City" [2009-2011], "Oprykids" [2008 season] and "Sesame Street and PBS Kids Neighborhood at Opryland" [2003-2007])
  • Hip-hopryland
  • Popryland (pop music themed area)
  • Phelworth Mining Town
  • Rasta Reggae Island (waterpark area)
  • Care-A-Lot (A kiddie land sub area of the Boardwalk area)
  • Wiggles World (opened in 2013; A kiddie land sub area of British Rock! Garden)


Roller coasters

  • Cloud Chaser (2003; A Zierer large Tivoli family coaster) [Care-A-Lot]
  • Double Dash Dueler (2006; A Dueling Premier Rides Launched Coaster Themed to Mario Kart: Double Dash, repainted in 2015) [Popryland]
  • Kraftwerk: Klingklang Coaster (2019; a RMC Steel Raptor Track Coaster, the longest and fastest RMC Raptor Track coaster and the third-fastest & second-longest steel roller coaster) [Popryland]
  • Mole Miner: Darren's Music Crash Course (2003; a TOGO Sit Down Coaster; formerly known as "Astral Shootout" at Chippewa Lake Park, in 2018, part of the track was replaced by Huss-TechEruo making the ride a much smoother experience than before) [Phelworth Mining Town]
  • Music Chooser (2003; A B&M Hyper coaster) [British Rock! Garden]
  • Rainbow Brite's Shooting Star Race (2014; a Premier Rides Launched Shuttle Coaster; formerly Speed - The Ride at the Sahara Hotel and Casino from 2000-2011) [Kids Kountry]
  • Redwall Adventure (2003; a USA Coasters Powermaster and the prototype for the model) [Kids Kountry]
  • Romp Bompa Stomp (2013; A Zamperla junior coaster) [Wiggles World]
  • Surfin' USA: The Coaster (2022; An Intamin Ultra Surf) [Popryland]
  • Wabash Cannonball (2007; An Arrow Dynamics Corkscrew coaster, once operated at the original park under the same name, refurbished by Vekoma in 2007, the most notable change is the arched supports being replaced with post supports) [Country USA]

Flat rides

  • Barnstormer (2003; A Huss Bee Bee ride with biplanes) [Country USA]
  • Country Carousel (2003; formerly Delfino Carousel from 2003-2006) [Country USA]
  • Dance Cages (2003; A Fabbri Hard Rock ride) [British Rock! Garden]
  • Double Decker (2014; A Technical Park Super Miami ride themed to a British double decker bus) [British Rock! Garden]
  • Opry Wheel (2003; A 300-foot tall Ferris Wheel) [Cali Boardwalk]
  • Simpsons Skateboarder (2022; A Zamperela Disk'O Coaster 40 ride)
  • Towering Tennessee Waltz (2010; A Zamperla Tower Swing ride) [Cali Boardwalk]

Kiddie Rides

Kiddie rides are located in Care-A-Lot, Kids Kountry, and Wiggles World.

  • Bedtime Bear's Moon Bounce (2003; A Zamperla Jumpin' Star ride)
  • Big Red Cars (2003; A Zamperla Convoy ride, formerly known as "Swiftheart Rabbit's Speedway" [2003-2012]) [Wiggles World]
  • Caterpillar Roundabout (2009; a Huss-TechEruo Junior Caterpillar ride, formerly known as "Radical Rainbow" [2009-2011]) [Kids Kountry]
  • Cheer Bear's Rainbow Swing (2003; A Zamperla kiddie wave Swinger ride) [Care-A-Lot]
  • Good Luck Bear's Charms (2003; A Zamperla Mini Teacups ride) [Care-A-Lot]
  • Grumpy Bear's Rainy Day Balloons (2003; A Zamperla Samba Balloons ride) [Care-A-Lot]
  • Funshine Wheel (2003; A Zamperla kiddie Ferris Wheel ride) [Care-A-Lot]
  • Speedway (2003; a Zamperla Speedway ride, formerly known as "American Eagle 77 Grand Prix" [2009-2011], "Grand Prix" [2008 season], and "Oscar's Sloppy Jalopies" [2003-2007]) [Kids Kountry]
  • Swiftheart Rabbit's Speed Gliders (2014; A Zamperla Kite Flyer ride) [Care-A-Lot]

Rasta Reggae


Other attractions

  • Mega Man Robot Master Showdown (2003; An extra charge laser tag arena)
  • Kids Kountry Playplace (2003; A kids play area, formerly known as "77 Long Live Funhouse [2009-2011],"Jungle Gym" [2008 season], and "Big Bird's Birdcage" [2003-2007]
  • Rock & Roll Monster Maze (2003; A walk around attraction with monstrous parodies of British rock musicians and bands) [British Rock! Garden]
  • Wiggles Playhouse (2003; A ball play area, formerly known as "Braveheart Lion's Forest of Fun" [2003-2012])

Restaurants and food stands

  • Dairy Queen & Orange Julius [Oprygates]
  • KFC/Taco Bell Express [Oprygates]
  • Rock Stars Grill (a smaller version of the one at Freestyle Adventure City) [British Rock! Garden]
  • Sharky's Snacks and Treats [Oprylake]
  • Tenderheart Bear's Snack Shop [Care-A-Lot]
  • Yummy Yummy Cafe [Wiggles World]

Gift shop and games

  • Rock! Garden VIP Gifts (at the exit for Music Chooser) [British Rock! Garden]
  • Kids Kountry Trading Company (formerly a 77 Kids store from 2009-2010) [Kids Kountry]
  • Lakeside Outfitters [Oprylake]
  • Opry Country Marketplace [Country USA]
  • Phelworth Mining Co. Company Store [Grizzly River Canyon]
  • Share Bear's Candy Store [Care-A-Lot]
  • The Wiggles Shop [Wiggles World]

Oprylake Water Park

  • Apex Valley (ProSlide Tornado; 2004)
  • Dark Tube (ProSlide Dark Pipeline; 2003)
  • Eternal Darkness (ProSlide TurboTwister, 2003)
  • In The Loop (ProSlide Mammoth, 2003)
  • Mega Splash (A wave pool; 2003)
  • Wiggles Water World (A water playground; 2003, formerly known as "Soak Zone" [2003-2012])

Former rides