Orca Island is a country that is in the Caucasus. The language of the Orca Island is Orkese. Orkese is a Turki-Caucasian-Robloxian language spoken in Orca Island. Orkese is like a mixture between Adyghe, Noobian, Robloxian and Kazakh, making it a unique language.


  • 1609: Kingdom of Orkhalia is formed.
  • 1666: Kingdom of Orkhalia is annexed by the Robloxian Empire.
  • 1771: Kingdom of Orkhalia becomes the Free State of Orkalia after gaining independence from Robloxia.
  • 1899: Orkhalia is established.
  • 1990: Orkhalia is annexed by Robloxia again.
  • 2001: Orkhalia is freed and renames itself Orca Island.
  • 2010: 5 republics join Orca Island, giving it more land for the inhabitants to travel on. These republics have the rights to have their own language, anthem, and capitals, along with a President.
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