Ortodyx was a Kashist Empire in Europe that spoke Orto


When the Mongolian Empire dissolved, Ortodyx got free.

The empire's plan was unifying Eastern Europe, so, in 1589, Ortodyx created the Russian Alliance, which had Ortodyx, Russia (Which was very small), Siberia, Mordovia, Kievian Empire, Austrian Empire, and Poland-Lithuania.

The Ottoman-Russian war started in 1603 because Islam is a sin in Kashism (Helena 7:12 And Muslims, Atheists, Agnostics and Zionists are also not welcome on His eyes) with the victory of the Russian Alliance, but Kiev and Ortodyx argued themself about Istanbul. Kiev was near to the Ottomans but Ortodyx started that war, this made the Russian Alliance end in 1627 and started the Kiev-Ortodyxian war, which was won by Ortodyx and Kiev got fully annexed.

Ortodyx tried to make relations with the destroyed Greece and Italy, but they failed because Italy believed in God, Greece in Zeus and Ortodyx in Burkhan, but they become friends anyways. Ortodyx actually wanted to pass Siciliia's Canal to invade Spain, but this was never proved

They caused the German Problem in 1672, which was the invasion of Austria and Prussia, in 1701, the war ended as a neutral result to Ortodyx. They didn't conquered Austria but Prussia was breaked in lots of mini-countries.

Don't forget the Kazakh War between Kazakh Khanate and Ortodyx. It happened from 1713 to 1716 with the annexiation of Kazakhistan by Ortodyx meanwhile they annexed Romania at 1827 and Caucasia at 1753

They conquered the Isralac Empire in 1768.

Somehow, the Ortodyx Empire dealed with Russia, Prussia and Austria to invade Poland, even though those three countries hated Ortodyx at the time. Ortodyx conquered Warsaw on the last split

The St. Petesburg war happened in 1797 with the victory of Ortodyx. This action forced Russia to move its capital to Moscow

They joined the Napoleanic War at France's side, unfourtenally, they lost the war

Ortodyx Split

  1. St. Petesburg was given back to Russia
  2. Prussia, Austria (Now Austria-Hungary) and Russia annexed all the territories Ortodyx got of Polish-Lithuania
  3. The Ottoman Empire got The Crimeian Sea back along with Crimea
  4. Kazakhistan was given to Russia
  5. The central territories of Ortodyx where given to North Italy
  6. Romania would become a Russian puppet
  7. Caucasia was given to Russia and the same thing happened to Isralac
  8. The remaining territories of Ortodyx got independence: Vostok, Zapad, Solntse, Yugo-zapad, Shakhta and Novyy


Most of the Ortodyxians migrated to Austria-Hungary and tried to get free at 1903 as Heliland. They got free after WW1 but are currently part of Switzerland, Germany, Austria & Hungary

1 out of 27 Americans is descendant of Ortodyxians

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