Otter Magician Sammy (カワウソの魔術師サミー Kawauso no majutsu-shi samī) is an anime television series created by American artist Jim Jinkins with Nobuo Alexander and Hiroki Takajima, and produced by Drillimation Studios in association with AEON (now WE'VE Inc.) and Pony Canyon. The series ran for 150 episodes from July 17, 1993, to March 25, 2000, on the JAITS network, originating from Television Saitama.

The series revolves around 20-year old Sammy Chatan, who inherits a family ring that allows her to become the anthropomorphic otter magical girl known as the Otter Magician. With her new power, she battles the forces of the evil Emperor Seiuchi.

The English-language version, recorded from 1994 to 2000 and mainly released on home video by AnimEigo (sub-licensed from Drillimation Studios California), was produced by Ocean Productions in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and was the first unionized Drillimation dub (as all the voice actors were members of ACTRA).


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