Ouraine is a fictional character created by Bryn Gelashvili, an ordinary seven year-old Kuboian girl. Originally debuting in a series in books, the franchise has since spawned two television series and various other media.


The first book in the series, Ouraine!, a book consisting of four stories, was published in September 1993. Bryn Gelashvili wanted to create something that children could relate to, so chose a realistic setting and aged Ouraine young, but not too young.


  • Ouraine! (1993)
  • Ouraine in the Sun (1994)
  • Ouraine's Winter Weekends (1994)
  • Ouraine Goes to School (1995)
  • Ouraine's World of Imaginations (1995)


Starting in 1995, Red Grape Studios produced two television series based off the books originally written by Bryn Gelashvili.

The first, simply titled Ouraine, ran for two series, each with sixteen eight-minute episodes each. Series one premiered on Nickelodeon Kuboia in 1995, whilst series two premiered on Nick Jr. Kuboia in 1996. The show was then reran on Nick Jr. Kuboia until April 2005. However, it was brought back under the Nick Jr. Classics lineup from November 2008 until December 2010. Since 2019, reruns have aired on Kiddioka.

Internationally, Ouraine aired on Kindernet in the Netherlands, France 5 in France, TVOKids in Canada and CBBC in the United Kingdom. It also aired on Nick Jr. in several countries in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The second, Apple Wood, ran for a single series consisting of thirteen episodes in 1999. It premiered on KT as part of its Big New Adventures! lineup.

Ouraine: Series 1 (1995)

Ouraine: Series 2 (1996)

Apple Wood (1999)

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